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אֶשָּׂא עֵינַי


Essa Eynai - A Song of Ascents
"I shall lift my eyes to the mountains"

2024 IMPJ Convention • 31.5.2024 


The warmth and comfort of a hug from a long-time friend, the dance of the Israeli Hora, an intimate conversation over a cup of tea, the study of Torah, a smile in our eyes, and the sound of music fills our ears.


The things we've always cherished are now more valuable than ever, in the midst of this difficult year. 


As a community, we will gather, study, dream, learn, and breathe togetherness at our annual IMPJ convention, Esa Eynai.


The IMPJ convention this year will be one full day, preceded by a day of volunteering all over Israel and followed by Shabbat in one of our Jerusalem congregations.


We will celebrate with: 

  • A festive opening plenary

  • Over 20 talks, lectures, conversations and Torah study groups, led by Rabbis, journalists and public speakers. 

  • A traditional Reform Kabbalat Shabbat under the open Jerusalem sky. 

  • Warm and hearty meals. 

  • A children and young adults program

  • And so much more! 


A Full Weekend Experience

IMPJ "Essa Einai" Gathering 2024 invites friends and congregations to a full weekend experience in Jerusalem, centered around the gathering. 

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Thursday May 30th 2024 - 16:00


PRIDE MARCH in Jerusalem: Join Reform Congregations, the Israeli Reform Action Center, and other supporters from around the world in Jerusalem's PRIDE march at 4 PM. 


Thursday May 30th 2024 - 08:00-16:00


Spend a full morning volunteering in Jerusalem and its surroundings. (More information to follow).

Friday May 31st 2024

The IMPJ Gathering “Essa Einai” in Jerusalem will feature over 500 congregants, friends, activists, and supporters, as well as speakers from Israel's leading scenes in journalism, art, music, and Jewish thought.


Shabbat June 1st 2024

In all of our Jerusalem-based congregations, we offer festive Shacharit services:

  • Har El Congregation

  • Achva Ba Kerem 

  • Tzur Hadassah 

  • Kol Ha Neshama

  • Mevakshei Derech  


Hope, community, compassion. and mutual responsibility

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התנועה הרפורמית - יהדות מתקדמת בישראל (ע"ר)

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