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Tfilat Haadam

Prayer of humankind- An Israeli Reform and Progressive Siddur (prayer book)

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"The shine of the heavens, the prayer of humankind"

Hannah Senesh

With joy and celebration, following a half-decade of work and editing, we are delighted to have published "Tfilat Haadam" - The Prayer of Humankind - An Israeli Reform and Progressive Siddur".
Tfilat Haadam is an egalitarian and inclusive Siddur which combines Jewish tradition with creativity, in which Hebrew poetry has become a prayer.
Inside the Siddur you will find prayers for weekdays and Sabbath, prayers for Israeli and Jewish holidays and even prayers for special life cycle events. Alongside the traditional prayers we have embedded passages of thought and Hebrew poetry to enrich the prayer experience.
The Siddur is published by Maram – the Israeli Council of Reform and Progressive Rabbis together with the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, and was made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Chin family of the Jeffrey Chin Foundation as well as additional donors.
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Purchasing the Siddur - outside of Israel 
We are pleased to inform That the first addition of
Our new siddur Tefilat Haadam is soled out!
We are already in the process of the second addition. It will be ready for sale and shipping in July 2021
You are invited to purchase and in the beginning of July we will send you the siddur.
For information about Purchasing and shipping: miri@reform.org.il

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An Israeli Reform and Progressive Siddur
What makes this Siddur unique?

  • Tradition and creativity: To a large extent it can be said that the Siddur is more traditional than previous Reform and Progressive prayer books. For example, it includes prayers such as: Birkat HaLevana (blessing for a new moon), Tahanun (supplication) and Shir Shel Yom (song of the day). Simultaneously, the Siddur is more creative than previous prayer books as it includes new prayers and piyyutim (hymns) that reflect the contemporary times. Additionally, comprehensive changes of wording have been introduced.

  • Inclusivity and diversity: The Siddur encompasses within it a wide variety of traditions that have accumulated over generations, up to and including today. It includes prayers from Second Temple literature, the Cairo Genizah manuscripts, medieval prayer books, Hebrew poetry and contemporary Israeli writings. In addition, the arrangement represents the Jewish experience of the diverse range of Jewish communities.

  • Reform and Progressive Movement: The Siddur reflects the approaches and values of the Reform and Progressive movement in Israel and its various communities. It is the fruit of the labor of the Movement’s many partners, Rabbis and members. 

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