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Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

התנועה הרפורמית בישראל

Support Ukraine refugees
and new immigrants in Israel

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Following WUPJ’s generous support from the Ukraine emergency relief fund, IMPJ is providing on-the-ground services and activities unique to those who have escaped the war-torn Ukraine and Russia.

In the past weeks Israel has welcomed over 30,000 new Olim and refugees from the FSU, and thousands more are expected to arrive.

Based on our experience and established congregational community centers for Russian-speaking new and veteran immigrants, IMPJ is uniquely situated to provide the spiritual support and Jewish community life to help them integrate succesfully into Israeli society and begin a new life.
Activities include individual pastoral counseling, spiritual guidance, women's empowerment circles,  engagement with Jewish community life, legal aid, integration and absorption.

Your gift will enable us to continue providing these important activities in order to address the deep need not only for physical and material aid, but for spiritual guidance and community support during this critical period.

Thank you for your generous donation!

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